Predprocessing participates in Blockchain: the new Russian oil conference in Innopolis participates in blockchain conference in Innopolis, Kazan city Tatarstan republic. This conference is dedicated to the growth of blockchain technology penetration in the Russian economy. Blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies are believed to become Russian next oil. Blockchain conference in Innopolis runs within 3 days from 28th of August till the 30th of August and also includes Blockchain hackathon with Vitalik Buterin — the founder of the most actively developing and spreading cryptocurrency Ethereum.

The conference is organized by the government of the Tatarstan republic, by the ministry of communications and by the global Blockchain community Genesis Block as represented by its Kazan subsidiary Blockchain Club. President of the Tatarstan Republic is the special guest of this Blockchain conference. Predprocessing represents its cutting edge cryptoprocessing services together with cryptocurrency ATMs and mobile applications and also its hi end cryptoinvestment banking services in the field of digital crowdfunding known as ICO — initial coin offering or ITO — initial token offering which we run together with Openledger DEX

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