Predprocessing and prostohit introduced new cryptocurrency for the entertainment world

Last week in Moscow there was a two day congress at Sokolniki exhibition center named the Russian Gaming Week. This is the largest conference in the Eastern Europe related to entertainment industry including gambling, betting, lotto, casinos, vr and ar games etc. We represented our mutual with Prostohit project related to internet p2p betting which will soon be on the blockchain. We alsointroduced the new cryptocurrency coin for the entertainment world which makes it possible to use as a currency in casinos, gambling and betting projects.

FUNCOIN is the cryptocurrency coin which is based upon BitShares blockchain and is avaible around OpenLedger DEX blockchain ecosystem
We are sure that there is the great need for the custom cryptocurrency in the entertainment world, because credit and devit cards payments are not suitable for the industry for the reason of possible charge backs. Also bitcoin share in the entertainment market processing is steadily decreasing since bitcoin is used as gold and safe heaven in the cryptocurrency market. So the appearance of cryptocurrency asset as Funcoin is the need for the whole entertainment industry
View professional photos from the Russian Gaming Week with prostohit and Funcoin here >>

You can buy cryptocurrency funcoin at OpenLedger DEX >>

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