Blockchain Meetup in Kazan

Blockchain Meetup. 30 June 2017 on the territory of Technopark “IT Park”

Vladislav (representative of the OpenLedger Russia) told about a participation of decentralized escrow into ICO’s platform.

 В Казани состоится региональный блокчейн-митап
30 июня на территории технопарка IT Park в Казани состоится Blockchain Meetup, где специалисты обсудят перспективы раз…

Questions about the safety of investing in new projects, more and more people are interested. And everyone is looking for a better solution.

Escrow has several advantages:

1) For Startups: DES allows not to doubt of the Startup intention to create a finished product, which was announced at the start of the campaign, and in case of force majeure circumstances that may affect the project implementation to protect investors from unforeseen losses.

2) For investors: DES allows you to get an accurate idea of startup team integrity, its intention to follow exactly, established steps to create the product.

3) For community: In total, DES will help improve the cryptocurrency market capital and the area of crowdfunding.

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